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    Ubiquitous Computing and Communication Journal (ISSN 1992-8424), is an international semi-annual refereed scientific journal dedicated to advancing the information and communication technology. With a world-wide membership, UBICC is a leading resource for computing professionals and students working in the disciplines of information technology and the impact on society. In particular UBICC journal provides global perspective on new developments in ubiquitous and pervasive computing technologies. The journal is committed to provide platform to present discuss and exchange experimental or theoretical results, trend-setting ideas in the emerging field of ubiquitous computing and related disciplines. UBICC publishes peer-reviewed, interesting, timely and accessible contributions from researchers from all over the globe. The Journal is an essential resource for researchers and educators who wish to understand the implications of ubiquitous computing. In addition to regular publication UBICC also participate in international conferences on related subject and publishes the selected papers with the special issue.

     Journal by Subjects  
    Biometrics & Bioinformatics, Bio-ontology and data mining, Biomedical Image Processing ...
    Databases Management and Engineering, Data Retrieval, Distributed Databases ...

    Engineering Sciences
    Mechanical, Electrical, Aerospace, Chemical, Industrial, Manufacturing Engineering
    Image Sciences
    Image Processing, Multimedia, Image-Based Rendering, Multimedia Analysis, Motion Capture and Synthesis ...

    Intelligent Systems
    Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Intelligent Systems, Automation ...
    Mathematical Sciences
    Computational Statistics, Symbolic Computation, Mathematics of Scientific Computing, Solving Non-Linear Systems ...

    Software Engineering
    Algorithms Analysis, Computer Logic, Computational Linguistics ...
    Signal Sciences
    Communication Signal Processing, Wireless Communications, Wavelet ...

    Ubiquitous Computing
    Ubiquitous Computing, Geoinformatics, Spatial Modeling, Location-Based Services, Wireless and Distributed Networks ...
    Theory and Algorithms
    Algorithms Analysis, Computer Logic, Computational Linguistics ... 

    Computer Security
    Computer Security, Computer Networks, Fault Tolerant Networks, Privacy, Access Control Models ...
    Social & Management Sciences
    Business, Management, Ergonomics, Anthropometric Studies, Design and Evaluation of Innovative Interactive Systems etc...

    Computer Sciences (General)
    Computer Science, Agriculture, Food and Genetic Technologies ...

     Editor's Choice
     Celebrating the life and work of Charles P. Thacker

    UbiCC has named Charles P. Thacker the announced for 2019 UbiCC A.M. Turing Award for his pioneering design and realization of the Alto, the first modern personal computer, and the prototype for networked personal computers. Alto incorporated bitmap (TV-like) displays, which enable modern graphical user interfaces (GUIs), including What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editors. Thacker's design, which he built while at Xerox PARC (Palo Alto Research Center), reflected a new vision of a self-sufficient, networked computer on every desk, equipped with innovations that are standard in today's models.

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