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Title: Recent Wireless Wave in Component base Integrated Control Systems for the Textile Industry
Authors: Mr. Sohail Shazad
Future applications and platforms will be context-sensitive, adaptive, personalized and need to be run, in a reasonable and secure manner, on variety of execution environments: anywhere, anyhow, anytime, by anyone. Textile industry in the world is growing, as we advance into the knowledge age, objects and material technology will disappear into our material environment, turning unintelligent objects into active and intelligent. The market has also been boosted by changes in consumer lifestyles. This study addresses an emerging recent advance new field of research that combines the strengths and capabilities of electronics and textiles in one, electronics and information and wireless communication technologies will give rise to the area of intelligent textile. Success of wireless communications and mobile devices are stressing the need for the development of mobility-aware services and use them anywhere, anyhow, anytime, by anyone. Need to design middleware architecture to ease mobility-aware service development, and develop new systems which monitor any machine, anywhere, anyhow, anytime, by anyone. Using wireless technology and machine data may be accessed from anywhere, anyhow, anytime, by anyone in the Wireless-World.