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Title: Analysis of a Geolocation-based FMIPv6 Extension for Next Generation Wireless LANs
Authors: Dr. Julien Montavont, Mr. Emil Ivov, Dr. Thomas Noel, Mrs. Karine Guillouard
Innovation in wireless technologies is changing the Internet and the way users connect. It is now possible to communicate while on the move. However, the standard procedures that enable user mobility across networks do not match the requirements of real-time communications in terms of delay and packet loss. The FMIPv6 protocol, lately accepted as standard for managing seamless mobility, addresses most of the problems related to handover latency. Yet, certain issues specific to wireless LAN, such as Access Point Discovery still prevent FMIPv6 from making the entire roaming procedure seamless for Wi-Fi networks. In this article, we present an extension of the FMIPv6 protocol that addresses these problems. Our proposal uses the geographical position of the devices in order to anticipate their moves and make them attach to the wireless access points that best fit their location and expected trajectory. We also present an evaluation of our work based on the implementation of the proposal.