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Title: Efficient Energy Management for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Authors: Mrs. Tamilarasi Muthu, Dr. Chandramathi S, Dr. Palanivelu T.G
A Mobile Ad Hoc network (MANET) is a collection of digital data terminals that can communicate with one another without any fixed networking infrastructure. Since the nodes in a MANET are mobile, the routing and power management become critical issues. Wireless communication has the advantage of allowing untethered communication, which implies reliance on portable power sources such as batteries. However, due to the slow advancement in battery technology, battery power continues to be a constrained resource and so power management in wireless networks remains to be an important issue. Though many proactive and reactive routing protocols exist for MANETs the reactive Dynamic Source Routing (DSR) Protocol is considered to be an efficient protocol. But, when the network size is increased, it is observed that in DSR overhead and power consumption of the nodes in the network increase, which in turn drastically reduce the efficiency of the protocol. In order to overcome these effects, in this paper it is proposed to implement overhead reduction and efficient energy management for DSR in mobile Ad Hoc networks.