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Title: Performance Evaluation of Mobility Management Protocols in Cellular IP and Hawaii Mobile Networks
Authors: Mr. Mahmud Milud Mansour
Handover management is one of the most critical issues that mobility management protocols are concerned with. This process becomes even more critical in the case of Micro-mobility where the Mobile host is expected to encounter frequent handovers. Several IP micro-mobility protocols have been proposed to enhance the performance of Mobile IP in an environment with frequent handoffs. In this paper we make a details study of how the performance of the handoff schemes of two candidates for micro-mobility protocols, namely HAWAII and Cellular IP. The aim of the paper is to investigate the impact of handoffs on TCP by means of simulation traces that show the evolution of segments and acknowledgments during handoffs. Application of these models allows a comparison of two important handoff schemes: the Multiple Stream Forwarding scheme of HAWAII and the Semi-soft Handoff scheme of Cellular IP.