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Title: An Efficient Block-by-Block SVD-Based Image Watermarking Scheme
Authors: Miss Rania Ghazy, Dr. Nawal El-fishawy, Dr. Mohiy Hadhoud, Dr. Moawad Dessouky, Dr. Fathi Abd El-Samie
This paper presents a new approach for digital image watermarking that is based on the mathematical technique of singular value decomposition (SVD). Traditional SVD watermarking already exists for watermark embedding on the image as a whole and it doesn't have sufficient immunity to attacks. In the proposed approach, the original image is divided into blocks, and then the watermark is embedded in the singular values (SVs) of these blocks. This segmentation process and watermarking on a block-by-block basis makes the watermark more robust to the attacks such as noise, compression, cropping and other attacks as the results reveal. Taking the SVs of the watermarked blocks and performing the inverse watermarking scheme perform the process of watermark detection. Few blocks are enough to ensure the existence or absence of the watermark.