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Title: A Pervasive Biometric Identification Services Platform using Support Vector Machines
Authors: Dr. Juan Miguel Gomez, Dr. Mª Jesús Poza, Dr. Belén Ruiz Mezcua, Mr. Luis Puente
Services have reached a new access dimension in a Ubiquitous Computing and pervasive Internet environment. Enabling Pervasive Services to provide value-added functionality as well as designing them for a convenient and trusted usage has become a major concern. Biometric Identification usually refers to identifying an individual based on his or her distinguishing traits. This paper presents an architecture to enable Biometric Identification through a Pervasive Services Platform to enable restricted access, based on the identity of the user. The focus of the research is on using Support Vector Machines (SVMs) on enabling user access through appropriate authentication mechanisms. Depending on the security requirements of the user, Internet trust mechanisms or mobile-based key exchange mechanisms can be applied. The user-centric approach will enable the user to select an identity provider for trusted management. A proof-of-concept prototype in the context of the PIBES project is also presented.