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Title: An Autonomic Web Services Environment Using a Reflective and Database-Oriented Approach
Authors: Mrs. Farhana H Zulkernine, Mrs. Wendy Powley, Mr. Wenhu Tian, Dr. Patrick Martin, Mr. Tony Xu, Mr. Jarad Zebedee
The growing complexity of Web service platforms and their dynamically varying workloads make manually managing their performance a tough and time consuming task. Autonomic computing systems that are self-configuring and self-managing have emerged as a promising approach to dealing with this increasing complexity. In this paper we propose a framework for an Autonomic Web Services Environment (AWSE) constructed using a collaborative framework of Autonomic Managers that leverage each component in the AWSE with self-managing capabilities. We present a unique approach to designing the Autonomic Managers for the AWSE framework by combining reflective programming techniques with extended database functionality. The validity of our approach is illustrated by a number of experiments performed using prototype implementations of our autonomic managers. The experimental results demonstrate self-tuning capabilities of the autonomic managers in achieving preset performance goals geared towards satisfying a predefined Service Level Agreement for an Autonomic Web Services environment.