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Title: Medical Care System Using VORD Methodology
Authors: Mr. FIAZ AHMAD, Dr. Mohamed Osama Khozium
Is technology serving the humanity? Current IT developments are affecting the every walk of life, of the human-being of this planet. As the computer technology is impacting very valuable effects on today’s life, it’s also playing a very positive and beneficial role in the field of medical. This paper brings to light, how the information technology can play a vital role in saving the precious human-lives, as well as how IT can help out the people in any emergency situation in their homes, before reaching to the hospitals. The paper describes the design and implementation phases of the” Medical Care System” (MCS). It reveals the momentous aspects of computer technology and its development effects on today’s society. The proposed system also brings to light that how the computer technology is mounting the luxuries of today’s life by introducing new amazing aspects in every field of life. The system is developed to help out the people in a rapid, easy and a cheap way, when they faced any emergency situation in teir homes, like “Asphyxia and Obstruction of Air Passages”, Bites and Stings, Electricity Shock etc. The system also has a unique interface, that can help out to any individual, that how to give “First Aid” on the road in an accident situation, by using a cellular phone. The successful implementation of this system can play a vital role in saving human-lives as well as to lend a hand to the people in a very rapid way in any emergency situation, on their doorsteps.