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Title: Towards Efficient Routing in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
Authors: Dr. Moez Jerbi
Multi-hop data delivery through Vehicular Adhoc
Networks is challenging since it must efficiently handle rapid topology changes and a fragmented network. This paper proposes
a new intersection-based geographical routing protocol called GyTAR (improved Greedy Traffic Aware Routing protocol) and capable to find robust routes within city environments. GyTAR
consists of two modules: (i) dynamic selection of the junctions through which a packet must pass to reach its destination, and (ii) an improved greedy strategy used to forward packets between two junctions. GyTAR assumes the existence of an accurate traffic-information system that it requires to select paths with
high connectivity. To address this issue, we also propose a completely decentralized mechanism for the estimation of traffic density in city-roads called IFTIS for Infrastructure-Free Traffic
Information System. The proposed routing protocol shows significant performance improvement in a comparative simulation
study with other routing approaches.