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Title: Impact of Node density on Cross Layer Design for Reliable Route Discovery in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks
Authors: Mr. Ramachandran B, Dr. Shanmugavel S
The mobile nature of nodes and dynamic topology of Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (MANETs) lead to route failures and requiring the transmission of control packets. It is important to reduce the number of control packets to save resources and to improve the overall performance of the network. Ad-hoc On-demand Distance Vector (AODV) is appealing as an efficient on demand routing protocol because of low routing overhead and high performance. However, AODV is not robust against topology variations as it uses weak links due to long hops introduced by shortest path metric. In this paper we propose a mobility adaptive cross layer design to enhance the performance of AODV routing protocol by establishing stable routes. The adaptive decision making according to the speed of mobile nodes on Route Request (RREQ) packet forwarding results in stable routes. We also test the impact of node density in the network on our algorithm, to tell, when to invoke the our cross layer design in mobile ad-hoc networks. To demonstrate the efficiency of our protocol and its impact on network connectivity, we present simulations using network simulator, GloMoSim.