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Title: Users-Grid: A Unique and Transparent Grid-Operating System
Authors: Mr. Raihan Ur Rasool
Grid computing, which emerged as a result of rapid development in high speed networking is regarded as the prototype of next-generation cyber infrastructure for science. It enabled collective use of globally distributed resources and came up as a huge problem-solving environment. Besides the inherent challenges of distributed computing, it presents some new challenges including, how the research professionals, who are not computer expert and normal users who just want to get benefit from Grid without taking care of its complexities can be motivated to adopt new and more complex way of working. In this paper we have presented our idea and architecture of ‘Users-Grid’. Utilizing Agent Technology and with its Service-Oriented architecture it will provide computing power transparently and easily. It gives the feature of true virtualization. It will be helpful to not only research communities and academia but also to business users.