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Title: New Stop & Wait ARQ Protocol
Authors: Mr. Nitin Jain, Mr. Rishi Asthana, Mr. Manuj Darbari
In all types of data communication systems, errors may occur. Therefore error
control is necessary for reliable data communication. Error control involves both
error detection and error correction. Previously error detection can be done by
Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) codes and error correction can be performed by
retransmitting the corrupted data block popularly known as Automatic Repeat
Request (ARQ). But CRC codes can only detect errors after the entire block of
data has been received and processed. In this work we use a new and “continuous”
technique for error detection namely, Continuous Error Detection (CED). The
“continuous” nature of error detection comes from using arithmetic coding. This
CED technique improves the overall performance of communication systems
because it can detect errors while the data block is being processed. We focus only
on ARQ based transmission systems. We will show have the proposed CED
technique can improve the throughput of ARQ systems by up to 15%.