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Title: Delivery Server for Integrating Different Video Surveillance network Systems
Authors: Mr. shi fang
Nowadays, many countries are speeding up in their video surveillance system update process. Following numbers of individual video surveillance systems established in different regions and departments, it become essential to integrate the local video surveillance system as a unified platform. So that it allows the sharing of video resource. Maximize the capabilities of controlling and commanding from video surveillance system. However, video surveillance system was developed from many small groups at beginning. It is luck in unity of layout. Video encoders from different producers were adopted; at the same time, for transferring remote digital video signal, it must establish wide network. Due to the limitation in bandwidth of wide network digital transportation, it must adopt the combination of unicast and multicast in order to satisfy the need for large unified network through limited bandwidth. However, the digital linking devices in wide network, for example the switcher and router are came from different producer as well, it’s hard to perform multicast over different network.
This article introduces a special designed video delivery server. Based on the vast number of established local video surveillance network, it sets up wide video surveillance network by using this delivery server which is capable of handling encoder and digital linking device from different producer.