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Title: A Framework for Automatic Reconfigurations of Protocol Stacks in Ubiquitous Computing Systems
Authors: Dr. Mahdi Niamanesh, Dr. Rasool Jalili
Ubiquitous computing environment includes wireless networks,
autonomic networked systems and devices with heterogeneous
standards and protocols for different contexts and situations.
Autonomic networked systems require mechanisms for automatic
on-the-fly reconfigurations in their protocol stacks to be able to
operate in different situations and contexts. Automatic
reconfigurations allow the system to continue its normal operation
without any need for human intervention. Since every protocol in a
protocol stack has at least one peer protocol in another system, a
dynamic reconfiguration of a protocol may raise the need for a
reconfiguration in the peer stack. Depending on the
reconfiguration type, the reconfiguration maybe carried out in a
single or in both peer systems. For an assured dynamic (run-time)
reconfiguration of a protocol, the execution of the protocol
component is stopped in a safe state, a new protocol is
initialized, and stacks switch to the new protocol at the same
time. This paper proposes a protocol stack framework to support
automatic and assured reconfigurations of protocol components. Our
evaluation and performance measurement show the feasibility of
automatic reconfigurations and an acceptable level of transparency
in dynamic reconfigurations.