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Title: Building-Up an Automated Data Collection System
Authors: Mr. Petri Tapani Oksa, Mr. Jussi Nummela, Dr. Mikael Soini, Dr. Lauri Sydänheimo, Dr. Markku Kivikoski
The need for gathering real-time information in building and industrial environment has increased in recent years. In building environment, along with automatic utility meter reading, other information is increasingly needed e.g. room temperature value or device conditions. In industrial environment, for instance in paper industry, information of paper reel locations is essential when developing logistics and supply chain management.

This paper presents a particular system definition of the automated data collection system and clarifies management issues. The study is based on automated data collection system (ADCS). ADCS is an open and advanced platform e.g. for building control and monitoring systems.

This study also analyzes ADCS data loads, quality of transmission, and error sensibility in different system parties. By using ADCS infrastructure, usually inconvenient new device attachment and registration can be solved.