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Authors: Mr. Krishan Kumar, Dr. Ravendra Singh, Mr. Zubair Khan, Mr. Ajai Indian
The biggest of the ATC challenges is the continuing rise in traffic volumes and which is increasing the movements of airbuses around the airport due to busy runways. This air traffic congestion is increasing the running cost of flights due to unwanted movement of airbuses around the airport and it will also increase the chances of the airbus collision. Such type of problem can be solved either by increasing runway’s capacity which is very costly or by means of providing some artificial intelligence solutions to optimize the utilization of existing capacity. So for optimum utilization of existing resources, some researchers have given the genetic algorithm based solutions but these solutions are not able to minimize the average arrival delay of the air traffic less than 11.25 minutes. In this paper we have proposed Adaptive Resonance Theory ART (ART1) algorithm to produce optimize solution. Our result shows that the average arrival delay of 9 flights using ARTMAP has been minimized to 10.55 minutes.