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Authors: Mr. Abdul Rauf, Dr. Ebenezer Jeyakumar
The ability to characterize IP traffic and understand how and where it flows is critical for network availability, performance, security and troubleshooting. Monitoring IP traffic flows facilitates more accurate capacity planning and ensures that resources are used appropriately in support of organizational goals. It helps to determine where to apply Quality of Service (QoS), optimize resource usage and it plays a vital role in network security to detect Denial-of-Service (DoS) attacks, network propagated worms, and other undesirable network events. The proposed Wireless Packet Analyzer Tool (WPAT) facilitates solutions to many common Wi-Fi threats like DoS attack, Mis-associated systems from neighboring premises, Rogue APs etc., encountered by wireless networks. The attacks were simulated in an experimental set-up and WPAT is tested for required performance. A scheme that may effectively and efficiently combine detection, defense, and traceback may significantly enhance performance and mitigate false positives. The WPAT is used to identify the new IP and its route is traced by IP Traceback tool. The route contains the details such as the total number of hops, time taken for each hops in milliseconds and the IP address of the intermediate routers. The traced route is used for plotting the graph.