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Title: A Multiagent Conceptualization for Supply-Chain Management
Authors: Mr. vivek kumar, Mr. Amit kumar Goel, Dr. S Srinivasan
In Global world there is a huge network consisting by different companies for their suppliers, warehouses, distribution centers, retailers, with the help of these entities any organization acquired raw material , transformed , and delivered finished goods. The major challenges for Industrial organization are to reduce product development time, improve quality, and reduce cost of production. This is done only when the relationship among various organization/industrial houses is good, This is not only be done by the change of Industrial process/ method but the latest electronic tools controlled by computer software is required to establish in this competitive world. Software agents consist of one or many responsibility of supply chain, and each agent can interact with others without human intervention in planning and execution of their responsibilities. This paper present solution for the construction, architecture, coordination and designing of agents. This paper integrates bilateral negotiation, Order monitoring system and Production Planning and Scheduling multiagent system.