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Title: A Novel Strategy to Provide Secure Channel over Wireless to Wire Communication
Authors: Dr. Alaa Hussein Al-Hamami, Dr. Mohammad Alaa Mohammad
Mobile devices and wireless network is being used widely now days, wireless networks are available in most public places, this encourage the unauthorized used for those networks and devices. Wireless Access Protocol (WAP) is the protocol that allows Internet access from wireless devices and as more subscribers demand WAP services, the need for wireless Internet security will continue to grow.

This research aims to provide secure channel for the communication over mobile network to access the internet. This could be done by divide the security between mobile phone and WAP. Mobile phone takes the plaintext from user then compresses it by Huffman compression method. After getting the compressed text then will be encrypted by elliptic curve taking in account the limitations of mobile phone. After transmitting the compressed cipher text to WAP, WAP will translate the wireless communication to wire and will do the following procedures: decrypt and decompress the cipher text then get the plaintext for translating to internet then recompress and re encrypt by elliptic curve finally the cipher text will be encrypted by either blowfish or twofish for strength channel security over the internet then transmitting the ciphertext with image hidden in it the information and key of the used encryption algorithm.