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Title: A Solution for Backward-Compatible Recon gurations of Running Protocol Components in Protocol Stacks
Authors: Dr. Mahdi Niamanesh, Dr. Rasool Jalili
Forthcoming networked systems require mechanisms for on-the-
y recon gurations in their pro-
tocol stacks to be able to operate in di erent situations and networks. Backward-compatible recon-
gurations of protocols are fast and easy ways for new protocol distributions. However, perform-
ing such recon gurations at run-time and for running protocol components, without disrupting
peer components, is more desirable. This paper proposes a solution for dynamic recon guration
management that can transparently recon gure running protocol components in the middle of their
protocol transaction. Mechanisms for the recon guration management including nding safe states
as well as state transfer are proposed. For demonstration, we have implemented a prototype of
the solution to recon gure a running TCP component. Our experimental results on dynamic re-
con gurations show that an acceptable transparency (through providing a short time for the freeze
period) can be maintained using the proposed solution.