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Authors: Dr. Hazim Abe- Al-karem Farhan, Dr. Hussein Hadi Owaied
This paper presents a method used for querying
external Database in PROLOG programming language
environment. The method is based on coupling of two
methods used in deferent application environments. This
method is complementary indexi ng techniques, Bit-
Mapped and B+Tree. The proposed method is very
compact and fast to resolve a query, since they use bitwise
operations, which are executed quickly by most computers.
The method provides the capability of allowing powerful
and fast data retrieval from external database in the
PROLOG language, even though there is no direct query
command is available for the user; therefore, this method
can be used to utilize PROLOG language for external
database for powerful querying. Since PROLOG language
usually dealing with internal database, which is composed
of facts, which can be added directly into and remove from
PROLOG program at runtime. PROLOG provided with
many built-in predicates to add new facts and to remove
existing facts to/from the database . Therefore, this method
will be augment PROLOG programming language to deal
with the external database in powerful and efficient
manner. The method has been in experiment database for
large amount of records, which are more than 100000
records, and shows the effectiveness in the retrieval of
records in term of speed, which is faster than in the
ordinary manner. The development of this method is
based on the methodologies of both relational database and
logic programming aspects. In this paper is the descr iption
of the steps which are necessarily for adaptation in real -
world domain.