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Title: Approach to Determining an External Problem for Self-healing
Authors: Dr. Jeongmin Park, Dr. Eunseok Lee
Self-healing is a methodology used for constructing a system that can detect faults and recover itself and returns from an abnormal state to a normal state. Much attention has recently been focused on self-healing ability that recognizes problems arising in a target system. However, if a system wants to provide self-healing functionalities, there are many loads such as target system analysis and system environment analysis for external problem. Thus, this paper proposes using deployment diagram for self-healing approach to determine problem arising in external environment. The UML deployment diagram is widely used for resource specification of a system and generally designed in the system design phase. The approach proposes of 1) analysis for associations between software and hardware; 2) generating a monitor using constraints in deployment diagrams; and 3) adding the monitor to the component after adapting it to the specific software architecture. As proof of the approach, we automatically generate a resource monitor automatically, and used a video conference system. We illustrate how the method detects anomalies using the example.