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Title: Detecting Metamorphic viruses by using Arbitrary Length of Control Flow Graphs and Nodes Alignment
Authors: Dr. Essam Al Daoud, Miss Ahid Al-Shbail, Dr. Adnan Al-Smadi
Detection tools such as virus scanners have performed poorly, particularly when facing previously unknown virus or novel variants of existing ones. This study proposes an efficient and novel method based on arbitrary length of control flow graphs (ALCFG) and similarity of the aligned ALCFG matrix. The metamorphic viruses are generated by two tools; namely: next generation virus creation kit (NGVCK0.30) and virus creation lab for Windows 32 (VCL32). The results show that all the generated metamorphic viruses can be detected by using the suggested approach, while less than 62% are detected by well-known antivirus software.