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Title: Adaptive RDF Graph Replication for Mobile Semantic Web Applications
Authors: Mr. Bernhard Schandl, Mr. Stefan Zander
An increasing number of applications are based on Semantic Web technologies and the amount of information available on the Web in the form of RDF is continuously growing. The adaption of the Semantic Web for Personal Information Management and the increasing desire for mobility is often accompanied by situations where no network connectivity is available and hence access to remote data is limited. Such situations could be obviated when mobile devices are able to operate on offline data replicas and synchronize changes when connectivity is reestablished. In this paper we present a framework allowing for adaptive RDF graph replication and synchronization on mobile devices. It extends the architecture of typical Semantic Web applications with components that analyze various information sources of semantic applications (including ontologies, queries, and expressed user interest) and use them for selecting parts of RDF data bases, which are then made available offline using a proxy SPARQL endpoint on a mobile device. Thus, we provide access to Semantic Web data without the need for permanent network connectivity.