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Title: Enhanced 3D Perception using Super-Resolution and Saturation Control Techniques for Solar Images
Authors: Dr. Zraqou J., Alkhadour W., Qahwaji R., Ipson S. , Ugail H.
Anaglyphs are an interesting way of generating stereoscopic images, especially in a cost-efficient and technically
simple way. An anaglyph is generated by combining stereo pair of images for left and right scenes with appropriate
offset with respect to each other, where each image is shown using a different color in order to reflect the 3D effect
for the users who are using red/blue or red/green glasses, as represented as a 3D image or movie. The resulting
anaglyph can be displayed in monochrome (yellow or gray), or in color with possibly some ghosting visible. In this
paper we introduce tow techniques for improving the quality of anaglyph. The first one is to eliminate the effect of
ghosting by controlling the amount of saturation while maintain the 3D visualization. The second technique is to use
an enhanced Super-resolution approach. Super Anaglyph (SA) image is a term that we will refer to the anaglyph
image which created by combing pair images from super resolution images rather than low resolution images.
Experimental results show an improvement in the output for solar images in STEREO mission.