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Title: Developing Optimization Algorithm Using Artificial Bee Colony System
Authors: Mr. Saif Mahmood Saab, Dr. Hussein H. Owaied, Dr. Nidhal Kamel El-Omari
More recently, computer scientists have found in the study of social insect’s behavior a source of inspiration for the design and implementation of optimization algorithm. Particularly, the study of bee colonies behavior turned out to be very attractive to develop problem solving algorithms. However, this paper introduces new algorithms that are inspired by bee colonies. It presents two unsupervised scenarios for two kinds of bees which are scouts and forgers in order to identify their activities that used by the bees during the food forging, These activities have been analysis and designed as proposed new optimization algorithms as the functions to be used by the processing engine of the artificial bees colony system. The proposed algorithms can be applied to dynamic problems in real variables, stochastic problems, multi-targets and parallel implementations, and any areas which are not required supervision.