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Title: A Fast and Efficient Strategy for Sub-mesh Allocation with Minimal Allocation Overhead in 3D Mesh Connected Multicomputers
Authors: Mr. Saad Bani
This paper presents a fast and efficient contiguous allocation
strategy for 3D mesh multicomputers, referred to as Turning Busy List
(TBL for short), which can identify a free sub-mesh of the requested
size as long as it exists in the mesh system. Turning means that the
orientation of the allocation request is changed when no sub-mesh is
available in the requested orientation. The TBL strategy relies on a new
approach that maintains a list of allocated sub-meshes to determine all
the regions consisting of nodes that cannot be used as base nodes for
the requested sub-mesh. These nodes are then subtracted from the right
border plane of the allocated sub-meshes to find the nodes that can be
used as base nodes for the required sub-mesh size. Results from
extensive simulations under a variety of system loads confirm that the
TBL strategy incurs much less allocation overhead than all of the
existing contiguous allocation strategies for 3D mesh multicomputers and
delivers competitive performance in terms of parameters such as the
average turnaround times and system utilization. Moreover, the time
complexity of the TBL strategy is much lower than that of the existing