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Title: Power Aware Virtual Node Routing Protocol for Ad hoc Networks
Authors: Dr. AShwani Kush, Dr. Ram Kumar, Dr. Phalguni Gupta
A recent trend in Ad Hoc Network routing is the reactive on-demand philosophy where routes are established on demand. Most of the protocols in this category, however, use single route and do not utilize multiple alternate paths. This paper proposes a scheme to improve existing on-demand routing protocols by introducing the power aware virtual node scheme in network topology. The scheme establishes the multi paths without transmitting any extra control message. It offers quick adaptation to distributed processing, dynamic linking, low processing, memory overhead and loop freedom at all times. It also uses the concept of power aware node during route selection and concept of Virtual Nodes which insures fast selection of routes with minimal efforts and faster recovery. The scheme is incorporated with the Ad-hoc On-Demand Distance Vector protocol and its performance has been studied on simulated environment using NS-2. It is found that the scheme performs very well compared to existing schemes.