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Title: Coalition: A Platform for Context-Aware Mobile Application Development
Authors: Mr. Jian Zhu, Mr. PengHe Chen, Dr. HungKeng Pung, Mr. Mohammad Oliya, Mr. Shubhabrata Sen, Dr. WaiChoong Wong
Context-awareness, as one of the key concept to achieve ubiquitous computing, has been widely applied in various mobile applications. The resulting adaptability, along with the usage of technologies such as RFID tagging, GPS and wireless sensoring, makes IT invisible and yet ever closer and seamless to the daily life of people. However, so far, context-aware computing has not yet found large success in the commercial area, and existing context-aware mobile applications are mostly sensor-based. We argue that a context-aware middleware is indeed necessary to help develop and deployment of mobile applications as well as managing the heterogeneous context data. In this paper, we propose such a middleware named Coalition designed to address these issues. More specifically, we demonstrate how Coalition (i) facilitates mobility issues during mobile application execution; (ii) manages large number of application services as utilized or developed by mobile applications. The two features are explained through a case study – Sharing Of Living Experience (SOLE). In the end of the paper, we show the experimental results obtained from the prototype testing and simulation study.