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Title: A Proposed e-Government Framework Utilities Payment: A Case Study for Electricity Utility
Authors: Mr. Fiaz Ahmed, Dr. Mona Nasr, Miss Eman Safwat, Miss Eman Gaber, Miss Eman El Sayed, Miss Amira Ahmed
It is very obvious that information technology is influencing every aspect of our daily life. It is also well-known, how the computer technology and computer developments are bringing-in new discoveries which can be thought of as a dream a few decades ago. The restless nature of the human-being always enforces him to unveil the new horizons of life which can make the life of mankind more luxurious. This paper proposes a new framework for the utilities payment system, which can play a vital role in the development process of developing countries. This case study introduces a very novel framework for the utilities’ payment system, especially for the electricity utility. The implementation of this framework can be very fruitful not only for the electricity department but also to bring ease for the masses as it will be very supportive to eliminate the rigged system of utilities payment. This case study proposes fully automated electricity-meters in every house. These electricity-meters are fully programmed and capable of counting the number of consumed units connected to the computerized system. The computerized system, of the electricity department, will be capable of receiving payments through e-payment shops as well as bank transfers etc. The implementation of this framework can lend a hand in the development progress of developing countries and can save a huge revenue for the country as well as manpower efforts.