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Title: Automatic Life-Logging: a novel approach to sense real-world activities by environmental sound cues and common sense
Authors: Dr. Mostafa A.M. Shaikh, Dr. Md. Khademul Islam Molla, Dr. Keikichi Hirose
People can stay connected to their loving ones ubiquitously that they care about by sharing awareness information in a passive way. Only very recently the detection of real-world activities has been attempted by processing multiple sensors data along with inference logic for real-world activities. This paper proposes to infer human activity from environmental sound cues and common sense knowledge, which is an inexpensive alternative to the traditional sensors. Because of their ubiquity, the mobile phones or hand-held devices (HHD) are ideal channels to achieve a seamless integration between the physical and virtual worlds. Therefore, a prototype is proposed here to log daily events by HHD based application to infer activities from environmental sound cues. To the best of our knowledge, this system pioneers the use of environmental sound based activity recognition in mobile computing to reflect one’s real-world activity for ambient communication.