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Title: A Strategy to Compromise Handwritten Documents Processing and Retrieving Using Association Rules Mining
Authors: Dr. Alaa Hussein Al-Hamami, Dr. Mohammed Alaa Al-hamami, Dr. Soukaena Hassan Hashem
Massive amount of new information being created and the world’s data doubles every 18 months, 80-90% of all data is held in various unstructured formats. Useful information can be derived from this unstructured data. The aim of this research is to present a framework for handling handwritten documents in all its trends. Since the handwritten documents are unstructured data, so the objectives of the proposed strategy are:
• Converts the unstructured handwritten documents to a structure one and store it in a convenient database.
• Customizes the proposed database to contain three dimensions first for writer features, second for data features and third for documents features.
• Converts the multidimensional database into transactional one then encoding the values of the feature for all attributes.
• Mines the proposed database, the resulting association rules will extract new pattern which leads to many prediction purposes.