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Title: Parameters affecting interaction with gestures in ubiquitous environments
Authors: Mr. Ayman Atia, Dr. Jiro Tanaka
This paper addresses the lack of ordinary devices for interaction in ubiquitous environments. We focused on the parameters that affect interaction with hand gestures as an alternative input device in ubiquitous environments. Hand and object gestures could change according to the situation it is performed inside. The situation could include the variability in location where gestures performed and the position of doing the gestures, device interacting with, application to control, objects shapes and user preferences. Furthermore, social environment of people and activity could change the gesture shapes. In this research, we studied the effect of context parameters on the gesture shapes and developed a system that can support people by appropriate gesture pro?les according to their context. We conducted experiments to see the effect of changing position on the gesture shapes. We also applied some social parameters on the subjects while they were doing the experiments. The results showed us that when subjects changed their situation, some of the gestures fail to perform. Moreover, when subjects selected some appropriate objects for interaction they can interact more accurate and fast with their environment.