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Title: Medical colored Image Enhancement Using Wavelet Transform flowed by Image Sharpening
Authors: Dr. muna faik al-sammaraie, Dr. Nedhal Abdul Majied Al Saiyd
This article proposes a novel method for enhancing and sharpening medical color digital images. Low contrast and poor quality are main problems in the production of medical images. By using the wavelet transforms and Haar transform flowed by using the sobel or the Laplacian operator to obtain the sharpened image. First, a medical image was decomposed with wavelet transform. Secondly, all high-frequency sub-images were decomposed with Haar transform. Thirdly, noise in the frequency field was reduced by the soft-threshold method. Fourthly, high-frequency coefficients were enhanced by different weight values in different sub-images. Then, the enhanced image was obtained through the inverse wavelet transform and inverse Haar transform. Lastly, the filters are applied to sharpen the image; the resulting image is then subtracted from the original image. Experiments showed that this method can not only enhance an image’s details but can also preserve its edge features effectively.