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Authors: Dr. Enoch Nwachukwu, Mr. Stanley Adiele Okolie
The idea behind ubiquitous computing is to surround ourselves with computers and software that are carefully tuned to offer us unobtrusive assistance as we navigate through our work and personal lives. Providing renewable energy is one of the fundamental challenges for mankind. With energy usage being a part of everyday activities and with the increasingly diversity of energy creation this is an inherently multidisciplinary problem. Transportation and travel, heating and cooling, manufacturing and production are major areas in which energy is used and all these domains become more and more linked to ubiquitous computing. With an increase in decentralized energy provision, ranging from energy harvesting in devices to personal green power plants, a great potential for creating renewable energy arises, however at the cost of a higher complexity of the distribution network and storage mechanisms. Overall we believe that research in ubiquitous computing can provide important contributions for a world with renewable energy. This work provides insights on how to conserve, efficiently produce, use, and distribute energy.