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Title: Java Based Implementation of an Online Home Delivery System
Authors: Mr. Fiaz Ahmad, Dr. Mohamed Osama Khozium
Technology means science and theories implementation to help the human-beings. We are also familiar, how the computer technology and computer developments are introducing luxuries in the life of the mankind of this planet.
This paper reveals not only the benefits of the computer technology that are directly making the life of human-being easier and easier but also putting valuable impact on the environment of this society. The paper describes the design and implementation phases of the Online Home Delivery System. The paper commences with highlighting the momentous aspects of computer technology and its development effects on today’s society. The system also brings to light how computer technologies are mounting the luxuries of today’s life by introducing new amazing aspects every day. Java is used to develop the system. Java is an object oriented language that’s well suited to designing software that work with in conjunction with the internet.
The system is designed and developed for providing the home delivery service in a completely different way. The system can be utilized in the real world environment and can give fruitful effects in the business. The key contribution of the proposed system is the entirely new concept that is “delivery to password secured box”. The system is also introducing a unique interface for placing order using cellular phones.
This system is a generic product developed for prospective organizations which are providing facility of home delivery of their goods. The system also shows how to co-op up with security issues while considering resources with all its availability.