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Title: Using haptics as an alternative to visual map interfaces for public transport information systems
Authors: Mr. Bashir Alhadi Shalaik, Mr. Ricky Jacob, Dr. Peter Mooney, Dr. Adam C Winstanley
The use of public transport for daily commutes or for journeys within a new city is something most people rely on. To ensure users actively use public transport services the availability and usability of information relevant to the traveler at any given time is very important. In this paper we describe an interaction model for users of public transport. The interaction model is divided into two main components – the web interaction model and the mobile interaction model. The web interface provides real-time bus information using a website. The mobile interaction model provides similar information to the user through visual user interfaces, gesture based querying, and haptic feedback. Improved access to transit services is very dependent on the effectiveness of communicating information to existing and potential passengers. We discuss the importance and benefits of our multi-modal interaction in public transport systems. The importance of the relatively new mode of haptic feedback is also discussed.