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Title: Dynamic Admission Control And Resource Reservation for WCDMA
Authors: Dr. Sami A. El-Dolil, Mr. Azzam Y. Al-Nahari, Dr. Moawad I. Dessouky, Dr. Fathi E Abd El-Samie
Next generation wireless networks including 3G and beyond are expected to provide a wide range of multimedia services with different QoS constraints. Call admission control (CAC) and resource reservation (RR) for mobile communication are of the most important issues to guarantee system efficiency and QoS required for different services in a very scarce resource as radio spectrum. As forced call terminations due to the handoff call dropping are generally less desirable than blocking a new one, handoff calls should have a higher priority than new calls. Most of the proposed schemes reduce handoff call dropping probability substantially at the expense of increasing the new call blocking probability and also not completely suitable for CDMA systems. This paper investigates the concepts of resource sharing and reservation for WCDMA system with its unique feature of soft capacity. Voice and data traffic are considered, those further classified into handoff and new requests. The reservation thresholds are dynamically adjusted according to the traffic pattern and mobility prediction in order to achieve maximum channel utilization while guaranteeing different QoS constraints. Blocking probability, dropping probability, and channel utilization are used as benchmarks for the proposed scheme.