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Authors: Dr. Faris Shahin, Dr. Lina Dajani, Dr. Belal Sababha
Energy billing is considered to be one of the important tasks for any energy-providing company. It is therefore important to create and develop meters that keep record of energy consumption. As technology advances, newer, more accurate types of meters are designed and manufactured, capable of logging any malfunctions or manipulations on these meters. Due to advances in communication technology, these new meters are developed with the ability to report companies or clients remotely. These meters are called Automatic Meter Reading Systems (AMR). However, replacing old meters with new ones is considered costly. A simple solution for this issue is to design a small module that can be easily attached to meters and can perform the same tasks as an AMR. In this project, such a module is designed and attached to an electricity meter. The module reports several readings to the company’s billing server, via SMS. The server acquires the data and stores it in a database. Finally, the server sends an SMS to the client informing them that the electricity bill is ready.