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Title: Applying TAM in Customer Adoption of U-Commerce: An Extended Model
Authors: Mrs. Reham Abdullah Al-Haidary, Dr. Heba Mohammad
Ubiquitous commerce provides great business opportunities for companies and personalized services for customers. Though, customers have some concerns that affect the adoption of this new technology. In the prior literature, many researchers have studied the user's concerns and issues regarding u-commerce adoption. However, there was no enough research on customers' acceptance of u-commerce. This paper proposes a framework to identify the factors that impact the customers' behavior towards u-commerce services in Saudi Arabia. It extends TAM with extra constructs such as: privacy, subjective norm and trust. We found out that perceived usefulness, perceived ease of use, privacy, trust and subjective norm have direct impact on the user's intention to use u-commerce services. This research contributes to existing literature by investigating the factors that influence customer's adoption of u-commerce in Saudi Arabia. The implications of the findings need to be considered before the implementation of u-commerce services on a mass scale.