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Title: Comparative Study of Routing Protocols in Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks
Authors: Dr. amir elsafrawey, Dr. Moawad Desouki, Mrs. fathia ateia
In wireless communications WSNs considered as one of trending research. The major case in WSN is energy consumption, so the routing protocols concentrated on this problem. Currently clustering technique is one for routing mechanism in WSNS .This paper discusses two routing based clustering mechanisms to achieve prolonging network lifetime, stability period and throughput in WSNs. These two scenarios are Stable Election Protocols (SEP) and Distributed Energy Efficient Clustering (DEEC) protocols are discussed. The SEP based protocols are SEP, ZSEP, ESEP and TSEP. Choose Cluster Heads (CHs) in these protocols on the basis of weighted probability and high initial energy. The DEEC based protocols are DEEC, DDEEC, EDEEC, and TDEEC. In These protocols the CHS are chosen which depend on the probability of proportion of residual energy and average energy of the network. Then a comparison of their performance based on network stability, instability period, and throughput is investigated. The Simulation result shows TSEP outperforms the others with reference to the stability period. But Z-SEP outperforms the others in throughput. TDEEC performs better with respect to instability period and throughput.