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Title: Performance Studies of MANET Routing Protocols in the Presence of Different Broadcast Route Discovery Strategies
Authors: Dr. Natarajan Meghanathan
Performance studies on mobile ad hoc network (MANET) routing protocols have so far employed flooding for route discovery. Flooding causes the broadcast-storm problem [12] as each node broadcasts the message exactly once. We study representatives from three families of broadcasting strategies [12][14] proposed to reduce retransmission overhead – probability-based, area-based and neighbor-knowledge based approaches. Reducing the number of retransmitted route query messages and the number of retransmitting nodes may affect the routing metrics. Our contribution in this paper is an ns-2 simulation-based analysis on the hop count and stability of routes chosen using these broadcasting strategies, including flooding. We use minimum-hop based Dynamic Source Routing (DSR) protocol [6] and stability-based Flow-Oriented Routing Protocol (FORP) [13] for our analysis. We compare the hop count and stability of DSR and FORP routes determined under conditions that guarantee at least 92-95% success in route discoveries and simultaneously minimize number of retransmissions and retransmitting nodes.