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Title: Study on Indoor and Outdoor environment for Mobile Ad Hoc Network: Random Way point Mobility Model and Manhattan Mobility Model
Authors: Mr. Ibrahim khider, Dr. Wang Furong, Dr. Yin WeiHua, Mr. Sacko .
Most of MANET simulations based on random mobility models, e.g. random waypoint model, models insufficient to reflect the environmental constraints. In this paper we have used a combine mobility model to analyze the effect of diverse mobility pattern (Random Waypoint Mobility Model and Manhattan Mobility Model) in indoor and outdoor environment to get a realistic simulation. In these models the movements of mobile nodes are either influenced by building or restricted to street. We demonstrate the utility of our test suite by evaluating various MANET routing protocols, including DSR, AODV and DSDV. Our results show that the protocol performance may vary across mobility models and performance rankings of protocols may vary with the mobility models used. The results shown that the environment factors such as spatial constraints may cause significant impact on the network performance.