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UbiCC Journal. exhibits many conferences a year. The calendar of conferences ... more
Special Issue for The International Conference on Computing, Communications ... more
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When is the next Call For Papers? What spelling standards should I follow? How can I change my password? How does the 'author search' work? Frequently Asked Questions for reviewers
How much I have to pay for Publication Fee? What reference style should I use? How can I update my shipping address? How can I correct errors? RSS Support & Contact
I am having problems while uploading a manuscript? How long will it take for my paper to get published in the journal? What should I do if I forget my password? Support & Contact Peer review help
How is my article promoted? Where can I find Manuscript Preparation Guidelines? What are person records? Authors Home Download the reviewer's report forms: Review Form
Can you tell me how many times my paper has been cited? Where can I find Copyrights Transfer Form? What rights do I retain as an author? Formal Conditions of Acceptance  
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