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Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]


For Authors

General Information


How can I subscribe to UbiCC Publishing journals?

 Subscription information for all journals, including online access and terms and conditions, is available on the individual journal home pages. For ordering information, claims and any enquiry concerning your journal subscription please contact your nearest office.


Where can I find pricing information for UbiCC  Publishing journals?

Subscription information, including pricing for institutional and personal subscriptions, is available on all UbiCC  Publishing journals' home pages.


Can I get more information about UbiCC  Publishing publications?

Yes, you can sign up to receive eTOC alerts for all UbiCC  Publishing publications. Please select the e-mail alerts menu option on the left navigation menu.


What is your privacy policy?

For details of UbiCC  Publishing's privacy policy, please go tohttp://www.ubicc.org/privacy_policy.aspx




How do I submit my paper?

To submit the paper, you have to fulfill following steps:
Step 1:   Register as an Author. 
Step 2:   Login as an Author.
Step 3:   Paper Control Panel >> Submit Paper
For pictorial demonstration, Click

Note: If you face any problem in submitting paper through www.ubicc.org, email your paper at  

Paper Registration Issues
Fee, Camera Ready, Copy Right ...
Submit here: 


How do I contact the Editor of the journal to which I would like to submit my article?

Editorial contacts and information are available for all UbiCC Publishing journals. Please go to http://www.ubicc.org/contactus.aspx


How do I find guidelines or instructions for authors for my specific journal?

Author “Guidelines by Journal” are available on the Author Services site.


What electronic file types and size can I use to submit my article?

You can only submit PDF file type. File size must be not more than 5 MB.


When will I know if my article has been accepted? What happens next?

You will be notified by the Editorial office once your article has been accepted. Your article will then be passed to UbiCC Publishing and put into production. If the journal is available in Author Services, you will receive an e-mail alert to indicate that your article has entered Production. If your journal is not included in Author Services, you will receive e-mail notification when your proofs are ready for a correction.


How do I obtain permission to publish UbiCC Publishing material in my article?

A standard letter requesting permission can be obtained from the journal production editor. Please contact the journal e-mail address (available from the journal homepage), stating you would like to receive a copy of the standard permissions letter.


Where can I find more information about copyright and why must I complete a copyright form?

A copyright form can be downloaded from the author guidelines of each journal homepage. Please go to http://www.ubicc.org/authors.aspx#authors.aspx

Copyright assignment is a condition of publication and papers will not be passed to the publisher for production unless copyright has been assigned. Detailed information concerning copyright is included on the form.


What is the maximum number of pages in every paper?
Paper:   12 pages. Extra pages will be allowed, but they will be charged at an extra fee.
Letter:   3 pages. Extra pages will be allowed, but they will be charged at an extra fee.

Facing problem in uploading paper/letter?

If you are facing problem in uploading paper/letter, follow these steps:

1)   Click here to download the attached MS Word Document file and fill the information required. [Download]

2) Attach your paper and DOC file and send email at 

Author Services


Why should I register?

You need to register in order to add your article to the article tracking system and be able to track your article online. As well as tracking the production of your article online, as a registered author you can also:

  • choose to receive e-mail alerts on article status

  • get free access to your article when it is published online (both DocStoc and PDF versions)

  • nominate up to 10 colleagues to be notified upon publication and also receive free access

  • invite your co-authors to also track the article production

You can also register and choose not to receive e-mails, simply check progress online at your own convenience.


Can I track article progress without registering?

Yes, you can track article without registering. Track your article by using Check Status tool at the left navigation.


What do I have to do to get e-alerts?

When you fill in the registration form you should tick the option to receive e-alerts. You can choose to receive them at all or specific stages.


What resources can I access online at Author Services without registering?

The Author Services site also contains author resources and links to specific journal guidelines which are available to all without registering. Author resources include FAQs and tips on article preparation, optimizing articles for search engines and more. Further resources will be added over time.


I have forgotten my username/password. What should I do?

Use the Forgotten Password option on the right and you will be sent a reminder. Please ensure that you use the same e-mail address to which your original production status email for this article was sent.


What do I do with my unique ID?

If you click on the link in the e-mail you received about your article, then your article details will automatically be logged on Author Services ready for you to register. Simply register your details and the article will be automatically added to your profile. Once registered, you can view your article production status any time by logging in and clicking on My Publications Home . If you visit the Author Services site without using the link in your e-mail, you need to Register and then enter the unique ID contained in the e-mail you received to add your article to the tracking system. You only need use the unique ID once for each article.


Can I use any e-mail address to receive my e-alerts?

Yes, you can choose your preferred email address when you register. If you move during the production process you can update your email address in Author Services by clicking Amend Your Details on the bottom right of the My Publications screen. However, please be aware that you also need to alert the production editor if you have a new "corresponding author" e-mail address.


Where is my article?

Once you have registered and added your article, you can check the status of your paper at any time by logging into Author Services


Can I change my article after it has been published?

Articles that have been published shall remain extant, exact and unaltered as far as is possible. Any corrections or amendments to an article following publication in print should be made by means of an erratum. This can be linked to the primary article in the online version of the journal. 


Registration Process (not valid since 2018)

1)   E-Mail camera-ready version of paper/letter at http://www.ubicc.org/support/index.php?a=add

2)   Registration fee (200 Canadian $) can only be sent through

Online Credit Card Payment System

          Click to visit secure payment system

UBICC Journal :: Paper / Letter Registration Fee Payment System

Wire transfer
Transfer plus $15 charges to the following bank and account number:
Please wire transfer to
Any further information about registration required? email at   


I wish to organize a special issue, what must I do?

Contact   UBICC first to receive the approval for this issue.
UBICC approves your proposal, you have to create a "Call For Papers" for your issue Write clearly the TITLES and the TOPICS of your SPECIAL ISSUE and the Scientific Committee (3 members only) of your SPECIAL ISSUE. Collect and review the papers of your session and then upload them via the website of the particular conference OR tell the authors to upload them.
In any case, you or the authors must fill in the form the NAME of the issue organizer and the exact TITLE of the Special Session. This is the only way to group these papers to the particular special issues.
>>   Download Call for Paper Template
>>   Download Special Issue Management Software  (Free)

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