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UbiCC Journal - Special issue of Coordination in Pervasive Environments
Volume: CPE - Special Issue
Publishing Date: 3/6/2008

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ISSN Online 1992-8424
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  Title: Registering and Discovering Semantic Web Services in a Federated Directory System
  Author(s): Michael Schumacher
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  Title: Integration of XVSM Spaces with the Web to Meet the Challenging Interaction Demands in Pervasive Scenarios
  Author(s): Eva Kühn, Johannes Riemer, Lukas Lechner
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  Title: A Bayesian Approach for Disconnection Management in Mobie Ad-hoc Network
  Author(s): Massimiliano de Leoni, Shah Rukh Humayoun, Massimo Mecella, Ruggero Russo
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  Title: Knowledge tuples never die, they just fade away
  Author(s): Lyndon Nixon, Robert Tolksdorf, Ronaldo Menezes, Alan Wood
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  Title: Enabling Collaborative eHealth Through Triplespace Computing
  Author(s): Lyndon Nixon, Dario Cerizza, Emanuele Della Valle, Elena Simperl, Reto Krummenacher
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  Title: Mediating Agents' Activities in Situated Multi-Agent Systems
  Author(s): Danny Weyns, Tom Holvoet
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  Title: Context-Aware Coordination in the Sensors' Continuum
  Author(s): Nicola Bicocchi, Gabriella Castelli, Alberto Rosi, Franco Zambonelli
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  Title: Building Smart Environments as Agent Workspaces
  Author(s): Andrea Omicini, Alessandro Ricci, Giuseppe Vizzari
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  Title: SCOMET: Adapting Collaborative Working Environments to the MANET
  Author(s): Marc Sánchez Artigas, Marcel Arrufat, Gerard París, Pedro García López, Antonio Gómez Skarmeta
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