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Volume 12 Number 1
Volume: Volume 12 No. 1
Publishing Date: 2/18/2018

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Year - 2018
  • Volume 12 No. 1
      Title: Analysis of Frameworks for Fog Computing
      Author(s): Adney Uffe, Qiana Sancho
    []   [Abstract]  

      Title: Machine Learning Framework for Classification of Diagnostic Cancer Using Genetic Optimization Algorithms
      Author(s): Sally Xerexes
    []   [Abstract]  

      Title: Data Mining Significant Patterns from Graph Traversals by Considering Frequency
      Author(s): Dabney Gabe, Fabia Oberon
    []   [Abstract]  

      Title: Experiences and Lessons Learned From Making Linear Space-Time Interference Alignment for K -User MIMO Interference Channels
      Author(s): Liam Jhon, Alexander Rhys
    []   [Abstract]  

    Title: The Influence of Acute Stress on Dew Computing: Definition, Concept and Implications
    Author(s): Isabella Jake
    [] [Abstract]

    Title: Evolutionary Feature Learning for Wideband Fabry-Perot Cavity Antenna With a Shaped Ground Plane
    Author(s): Amelia William, Lauren Smith
    [] [Abstract]