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UBICC Journal - Volume 1 Issue 1
Volume: 2006 Volume 1 No.1
Publishing Date: 11/24/2006

UBICC Journal - Volume 1 Issue 1
Volume: 2006 Volume 1 No. 1
Publishing Date: 11/24/2006

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 Title: Recent Wireless Wave in Component base Integrated Control Systems for the Textile Industry
 Author(s): Mr. Sohail Shazad
[PDF Full-Text (251KB)] [Abstract]  

 Title: Users-Grid: A Unique and Transparent Grid-Operating System
 Author(s): Mr. Raihan Ur Rasool
[PDF Full-Text (302KB)] [Abstract]  

 Title: An overview of Geographic Restriction Mobility Models
 Author(s): Mr. Ibrahim Khider, Dr. Wang Furong, Dr. Yin ., Mr. Sacko -
[PDF Full-Text (154KB)] [Abstract]  

 Title: A Fast and Efficient Strategy for Sub-mesh Allocation with Minimal Allocation Overhead in 3D Mesh Connected Multicomputers
 Author(s): Mr. Saad Bani
[PDF Full-Text (250KB)] [Abstract]