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UBICC Journal - Volume 2 Issue 1
Volume: Volume 2 No. 1
Publishing Date: 2/1/2007

Book: 2007 Volume 1 No. 1
Publishing Date: 2/1/2007
ISSN 1992-8424

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2007 Volume 2 No. 1 issue was organized by UBICC Journal. Theme of issue is to focus on the innovative applications of information and communication sciences. UBICC Journal received 20 online submissions from 9 different countries and regions. A screening process was applied before papers were assigned to reviewers. This estimated approximately 6% of papers which were not relevant or not worthy to review. The rest of papers were peer reviewed by at least two reviewers. We finally accepted 5 papers including 4 regular papers and 1 as letter.

Message from Editor

Established in 2006, UBICC is a non-profit research organization that has been at the forefront of technological excellence. As a recognized leader in the computing and communication research institute, we will strive to be the best in the fields of computing and communication sciences.
 Ubiquitous Computing and Communication Journal has published some of the most innovative international research contributions on the design and evaluation of new generation technologies. Since 2006 it has provided a global perspective on new developments, uniting technical accounts with studies of the social, cultural and organizational impacts of new personal technologies. The journal has published papers from research group’s worldwide, theme issues and special issues taken from international meetings.
 An international journal issue of this scale requires the support of many people. First of all we worked like to thank the commute chair David and the committee members for the nourishing the journal issue and guiding its course. We also like to express our sincere appreciation to the 2007 Volume 2 No. 1 issue 1 committee members for their devotion and efforts to make this issue extremely successful.  Finally we would like to take this opportunity to thank all authors and reviewers for their contributions to make 2007 Volume 2 No. 1 issue a grand success.
 It has been honor for me to serve as General Co-Editor of this 2002007 Volume 2 issue and to work with a group of dedicated and capable people. We trust that you will enjoy the proceeding of UBICC Journal 2007 Volume 2 No. 1.

2007-02-01                 Dr. Ibrahim Develi [General Co-Editor]

 Title: Applications of Highly Adjusted Probabilistic Flooding in MANETs
 Author(s): Mr. Muneer Bani Yasin
[PDF Full-Text (86KB)] [Abstract]  

 Title: Study on Indoor and Outdoor environment for Mobile Ad Hoc Network: Random Way point Mobility Model and Manhattan Mobility Model
 Author(s): Mr. Ibrahim khider, Dr. Wang Furong, Dr. Yin WeiHua, Mr. Sacko .
[PDF Full-Text (148KB)] [Abstract]  

 Author(s): Mr. S Abbas, Mr. E. A. Soleit, Mr. S. A. Ghoniemy
[PDF Full-Text (248KB)] [Abstract]  

 Title: Mobile IPV6 (MIPv6) Route Optimization Security Design Protocol
 Author(s): Mr. Muhammad Taqi Raza Husnain Mehdi, Mr. Syed Rehan Afzal, Dr. Seung-wha Yoo
[PDF Full-Text (157KB)] [Abstract]  

Title: g-value and Decoding of Greedy Codes
Author(s): Dr. shoaib u din, Mr. khalil ahmad
[PDF Full-Text (133KB)] [Abstract]